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Cookie Clicker

Click your way to cookie-baking glory in this deliciously addictive idle game. Start with a single click on a giant cookie, then watch your empire grow as you unlock buildings, upgrades, and even heavenly powers.

How to Play:

  1. Click for Cookies: Start by clicking the giant cookie on the screen to earn cookies.
  2. Buy Buildings: Use your cookies to purchase buildings like cursors, grandmas, and factories that automatically generate cookies for you.
  3. Upgrade Your Buildings: Invest in upgrades to increase the efficiency of your buildings and boost your cookie production.
  4. Unlock Achievements: Complete various challenges and milestones to earn achievements and unlock special bonuses.
  5. Ascend and Prestige: Reset your progress to earn heavenly chips and prestige levels, which unlock powerful upgrades and new gameplay mechanics.

Tips for Cookie Clicker Mastery:

  • Patience is Key: Cookie Clicker is an idle game, so be patient and let your cookie empire grow over time.
  • Strategize Your Upgrades: Carefully choose which buildings and upgrades to invest in to maximize your cookie production.
  • Golden Cookies: Keep an eye out for golden cookies that appear randomly and offer special bonuses.
  • Grandmas: Grandmas are a powerful building that can significantly boost your cookie production.
  • Wrinklers: These wrinkly creatures steal your cookies, but popping them can yield a large reward.

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Prepare yourself for hours of deliciously addictive gameplay in Cookie Clicker!