Slope Game

Idle Mining Empire

In the game Idle Mining Empire you will be able to create your mining empire and dig ever deeper to bring to the surface the precious riches that will make your fortune. Start by hiring a miner and then a manager to mine your first ore vein. Bring coal to the surface with your elevator and sell your cargo back to the warehouse to receive the money of your labor. The objective will be to reinvest the money earned to dig ever deeper, open new veins of gold and even diamonds, hire other miners and improve your infrastructures. You will also be able to improve the efficiency of your managers who will considerably increase the yield of your mine. Every 5 minutes you can activate a boost from your managers to further accelerate the extraction and sale of ore. In Idle Mining Empire you will also earn money passively offline, do not hesitate to come back regularly to see how much your mine has brought in and constantly improve it.